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Date: Saturday, September 7th
Time: Sensory Class 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Talk 1 p.m.
Where: The Billings Depot, 2404 Montana Ave.

Sensory Analysis Class

Register for the Sensory Analysis Class: $20

Sensory Analysis Class – ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

Have you ever had a beer that tasted “off”, but you weren’t sure why?  The Beer Sensory Analysis class will teach you why!  Using a specially produced kit designed to replicate off flavors in beers, we intentionally infect the beer.  From there you an learn the smells, sights, and tastes with 20 of the most common infections.  Then, if these come up in a beer you make or serve, you know what happened and how to prevent it!It’s a great class for brewers, aspiring brewers, servers, or just those who enjoy beer.  Must be 21 to attend.


Steve Lozar Talk

Register for Steve Lozar’s Presentation: $10

Steve Lozar Presentation

Steve Lozar taught anthropology for over 30 years.  He currently curates and runs the Montana Brewery Museum in Polson, Montana.  He will be talking about beer advertising and how it is has changed over time reflecting the eras.  Steve is a member of the Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  He and his wife Keryl have 5 grown children, and 10 grandchildren.  He’s an entertaining speaker where you’re sure to learn a lot!


Both sensory and Analysis

Register for the Sensory Analysis and the Presentation: $30

Class and Presentation

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