Great turnout with around 29+ people in attendance, many new faces.

The meeting kicked off with El Presidente giving some updates on business. Including:

  • We had 23 entries from 12 individuals for the Here Comes the Sun competition! Judging to commence tomorrow morning (4/22)
  • After the judging, we will have a style meeting. Starts about 2pm, we will discuss American Ambers and Red Ales.  To be held at Scott Sery’s house (630 Miles Ave.)  Everyone is welcome to come, bring an amber or a red (commercial or home brewed) to share and discuss.
  • Upcoming big brew day on May 6th. To be held at Thirsty Street (more below)
  • The judging sheet, what to expect, why you want to enter your beer into competitions.


El Vice Presidente, Paul, went into a little more detail on the competitions and what you get out of it.  He passed around a sample of the response he received from a competition that he entered.  He noted that the most valuable aspect of being in a competition was the feedback, and how he has become a better brewer because of it.

Big Brew Day: the American Homebrewer’s Association has a big brew day every year.  This year, there were three styles to choose from, and the RBG settled on brewing a Saison.  We have a 15 gallon barrel that will be filled.  The way this works is that what you put in, you get out.  So if you put in a gallon, you get a gallon out of it.  The big brew day will be on May 6th, and start at 9:30am at Thirsty Street.  More details to come.

Cal Beauregard, from the Montana Fair, discussed the upcoming Montana Fair competition.  The fair will be using 2016 guidelines, and has extended the categories by about 13 new styles.  They have also removed the clone category.  You can enter the competition online, it will be on August 10th.  Details to come.

Treva from 406 Hops Brewing News discussed craft beer week.  Originally it was to be in September, but there is a lot that goes into this thing, so it has been moved to May 2018.  You can learn more by picking up the latest issue and finding out about Bozeman Craft Beer Week.

The meeting concluded with a rousing game of pinochle, and an in depth argument regarding the morality of drinking beer made with non-organic ingredients.

Next Meeting will be on May 16th, location to be determined.