Rimrock Brewers’ Guild’s Spring 2017 Home Brew Contest

As the days grow longer and warmer the Rimrock Brewers Guild of Billings Montana invites submissions for the Here Comes the Sun homebrew competition. The contest will focus on beers, meads, and ciders on the lighter side of the Standard Reference Method (SRM) scale. Submit any entry whose color ranges from 1-13 SRM and are meant to be refreshing on spring day.

There will be 4 categories to enter. You will fill out your BJCP Recipe Entry Form as normal. However, after you enter your category number and alphabetic subcategory, enter one of the contest subcategories below on the “Category/Subcategory” line.

  1. Hoppy: Any beer where hops take the lead.
  2. Yeast/Malt Forward: Any beer where you are showcasing the malt and/or fruity notes produced by the yeast.
  3. Fruit and Spice: Beer with spice/herb/flower additions and/or fruit.
  4. Meads, Apple/Pear Ciders: Any style or strength as long as it is 1-13 SRM

All entries are to be shipped/dropped off to the Billings Homebrew Supply, 1916 3rd Ave N, Billings, MT 59101 no later than Tuesday, April 18 before 6:00 pm. Judging will be held on Saturday, April 22. Prizes include swag from several breweries in Billings, Montana. Best of Show prize winner will get a chance to brew their beer at Uberbrew. If the Best of Show winner is from category 4 the winner will brew with the Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill.

Submit two bottles for each entry of no less than 11 oz each. Submit the BJCP Recipe Entry Form and BJCP bottle ID labels attached with rubber bands. First entry $8, each additional entry $5, maximum of 4 entries. Make checks payable to the Rimrock Brewers Guild. Cheers and happy brewing.