We kicked off our year with between 21 and 25 people at Canyon Creek Brewing and we had a few new faces in the group.


The meeting started with business.  Dues are due and thank you for all those that pitched in $20 to make sure that we can keep operating for the next year.


We discussed a competition.  We will have a firm date on when the competition will be, likely the deadline will be in April.  Details will be posted on the FB page, emailed, and on the website (www.rimrockbrewersguild.com) when they are firmed up.  We talked about following a color spectrum theme, where you can brew anything you want as long as it falls into the lighter side of the spectrum.


We have decided to change our meeting days to see if a new day will accommodate everyone better, or perhaps allow other members to once again come to our meetings.  We will plan these out in advance so you have fair warning of which days we will be meeting.  In February it will be the 3rd Tuesday, and then we are planning to rotate days.  The 3rd Wednesday in March, the 3rd Thursday in April, the 3rd Tuesday in May, and so on and so forth etc. etc.


In addition to our monthly meetings, we discussed having an informal try new styles day.  We would meet once per month, no business conducted, just a chance to get together and mingle.  These days would have a designated style, for instance, we would have an IPA day, or an American Amber day, or perhaps a Porter Day.  Whichever style was the topic, we would discuss BJCP guidelines, and learn what makes a beer that particular style of beer.  Details at the next meeting.


El Presidente Sarah Hogue then led us through the educational portion of the meeting.  She brought in a variety of different base malts, explained the differences, and passed them around so we could taste test them.  See the attachment (Base Malts 1-17-17) for her write-up on the subject.  El Vicepresidente Paul Pope added that they are called base malts because they make up the majority of the sugars for your beer, and the flavors come from a rather small portion other ingredients.  For example, Guinness is made up of about 80% base malts, 10% flaked barley, and the dark flavors and colors come from roughly 10% roasted barely.


Our next meeting will be February 21st at 7:00PM at UberBrew.


Special shout out to #FLOTRBG Casey Hogue.