Despite the snow and cold, we still had 17 people turn out for the meeting at Thirsty Street.  Things were a little more informal than usual with no educational portion of the meeting.

We went through business first, here are the details:

  • Holiday party at Matt Miller’s house.  January 7th starting at 1pm.  Most likely someone will fry a turkey.  Bring an appetizer type food and of course some brew to share.  The club brew will be kegged and ready to be served.
  • Beer exchange – At the holiday party.  Brew something now or you won’t have time.
  • Work Shirts – If you want one, talk to Vince.  Need some follow through on payments so things aren’t held up.
  • Dues – $20 USD will get you a year’s membership.  1 Bitcoin will get you lifetime membership and a t-shirt.
  • T-shirts – $15 USD gets you a sweet RBG t-shirt.  But wait, there’s more!  For $3 you can have a totally awesome beer koozie (or 2 for $5).  But wait, there’s more!  Free stickers ($1 value) with every purchase.  So you can get a tshirt, two koozies, and 3 stickers for the low, low price of $20 (plus or minus tax).  There are 3 days until Christmas, I know there’s someone on your list that needs these things.
  • Finally, we held elections.  Nobody was running opposed, so really it was more of a Dilly Dilly approval.  In 2018, the Rimrock Brewer’s Guild Royalty members are as follows:

El Presidente – Ryan Schatzke

El Vice Presidente – Jace Christensen

Supreme Secretary – Scott Sery

Treasurer – Vince Grewe AKA Hobo Slayer

Events Coordinator – Still open.  Someone volunteer, we will pay you in exactly 1 pint of beer per event planned.

We concluded the meeting with a moving a cappella version of O Holy Night.

The next meeting  is on the schedule for Thursday January 18th.  Location TBD.