Great Things Coming in 2022 from Rimrock Brewers’ Guild

Our first official meeting of the year kicked off with about 12 attendees.  The meeting was designed around giving updates on what’s coming for the year, and what the rest of the group wanted to learn, do, and see.  We had one individual attending for the first time.

El Presidente Matt Miller gave us the rundown.  After the last two years of not having much going on due to some stupid disease going around, we’re getting back into the swing of things.  We long for more community outreach programs where we can showcase what RBG is all about and get some new people coming into the group.

A few ideas from the group on what events and educational aspects we would like to see include:

1 – Feedback Brew (instead of competition) where everyone is given the same recipe, then they brew on their own equipment to see how the final product changes even with the same ingredients.

2 – Iron Brew Challenge – one specialty ingredient must be included, otherwise it’s all up to the brewer.

3 – Sensory Class focusing on hops.

4 – Happy hour once a month.  Just a get together where we socialize without worry of educational, attendance, etc. etc. (Esther was nominated to take this and run).

Educational topic ideas included:

– All about Kviek yeast (and some others that are “specialty”)

– Matt’s progression through brewing

– Understanding hops (perhaps guest speaker from a hops farm)

– Glucose and fermentables


Finally, two competitions are coming up.


One, here in Billings, is limited to 12 entries.  The Billings Best Brew Off is $100 to enter, but all ingredients are provided.  Brew has to be done at Thirsty Street (at the garage) on your own equipment.  Grand prize is $1,000.  Brew announced on April 8th, brewing on April 9th, judging on May 15th.  Info in the image below.

Billings Brew Off

Second, but on by Bridger Brew Crew and Katabatic Brewing.  Grand prize is you get to brew your beer at Katabatic.  Details in the image below, and the word doc that includes all the rules.

Homebrew competition