Our first meeting led by the honorable Ryan Schatzke.  About 25 members were in attendance at Uberbrew.

We started the meeting with business:

  • Call for dues. It’s just $20.  That’s less than $2 per meeting.  Call it networking and write it off as a business expense.
  • Vince announced that we still have some goodies for purchase: stickers, koozies, and so on and so forth.
  • Big Brew Day is coming up on 5/05/2018. We will hopefully be able to use Thirsty Street’s patio; maybe we can advertise and get more people to come see how it’s done.  Click that link for details.
  • Events committee will be keeping us apprised of upcoming contests; there is one through the AHA that you need to register with soon. Click that link for details.
  • Gathering interest for Homebrew Con. It’s the last weekend in June in Portland, OR.  Carpooling out there and a block of rooms is a possibility. Click that link for details.

After business was out of the way, events coordinator Chris Dykes walked us through how to make mead.  It’s easy:

Mix honey into water, add yeast, wait.

There was a bit more to it than that, we talked about the amount of honey to use, what type of yeast to use, to boil or heat or not, adding fruits and spices, yeast nutrient, and a few other steps.  The bottom line: a traditional mead is pretty simple to make, don’t be scared of it.

We concluded the meeting by watching the Rimrock Brewer’s Guild Royalty do a rousing dance a la Riverdance style.  Everyone applauded at the end and smiles abounded.

Also, Scott Sery finally brought in his beer exchange beer; if you didn’t get your bottles let him know.