Rimrock Brewers’ Guild Meeting Notes 03/15/2017

I apologize it took so long to get these out.  I’m a bum.  I admit it.  Feel free to give me beer because I deserve it for being such a bum.

Meeting was on the third Wednesday of the month.  Apparently some didn’t pay attention as the following Tuesday there were requests about whether or not we were having a meeting.  Remember, we’re testing out a new system where we rotate the days so that everyone can have a chance (some people are unavailable on Tuesday nights).  So here’s your warning: Next month (April) the meeting will be on THURSDAY April 20th.  Mark your calendars, put it into your Palm Pilot, scribble it on your forearm, or otherwise make note.

Our meeting had roughly 15 folks.  Only one new face was present, but we’ll get there.

We discussed the Big Brew Day.  It’s going to be on May 6th and tentatively we have permission to brew on the Thirsty Street patio.  This needs confirmed.  Don’t show up May 6th and wonder where everyone is because you ignored subsequent notes/emails/event invites/smoke signals.  The recipes have been released, and they are as follows: Rushmore American IPA, Battre L’oie Saison, Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest Lager.  More details eventually, in the meantime read up on it on the AHA site.

HERE COMES THE SUN – If you haven’t brewed, BREW NOW!  We want to have a buttload of entries.  Buttload is a beer/wine term.  Look it up (or click the link).  Entries are due at the homebrew shop by April 18thDetails found on the RBG Website.

We have elected an events committee.  Nate Dostal, Casey Hogue, Chris Dykes, Ryan Schatzke, and Jace Christensen will be members.  They will battle for the elite position of Chairman of the Events Committee.  That Chairman will have the special privilege of joining the Rimrock Brewers Guild Royalty at their monthly meetings where we raise our pints and chant the sacred (and secret) Oath of the Guild.

STYLE MEETING – TOMORROW!  At the homebrew shop place.  We will be discussing wheat beers, bring one you love and we’ll talk about how it is, why it is, what it is, and from where it is.

Finally, we had an educational portion of the meeting.  The ever loquacious, infinitely wise, and superbly knowledgeable about all topics under the sun, Scott Sery, filled us in on some Lager history.  Take a look at his notes that he left at home and freshen up on your beer history.

The meeting adjourned with a Monkey Knife Fight.

In my haste to get the notes out in a timely manner, I neglected to mention a key aspect of our meeting.

Alicia and Treva, of the 406 Hops Brewing News fame, were in attendance.  They talked about their publication, and encouraged us to get involved!
If anyone would like to brew a batch of beer, and have Treva or Alicia (or both) follow along taking notes and pictures, and then be featured in an upcoming issue, please get in touch with them.  If nothing else, like their Facebook page and visit their website.
There are sweet contests, great news about local (Montana) breweries, and information on the various guilds across the state.
Please forgive my oversight in the previous minutes release, and please continue to bring me beer so this doesn’t happen again in the future.